Getting back on the blogwagon...

Hello dears!

I've decided that I'll finally come out of my cave here in Korea and start posting again.  The fact is, I've been rather socially active these days, but I haven't been generous enough to share my experiences with you for nearly two months now...and for that I am very sorry.

This new-found ambition comes from a wonderful women, full of laughter, life, and wisdom: my mother.  Luckily, she is here with my now and will be traveling with me to a few other cities in Korea during my week vacation from school (which is in T minus 36 hours and counting!).

So far, Mom has eaten Korea BBQ, navigated the subway system and the bus alone, toured a palace in the pouring rain, explored a folk village, tasted numerous Korean desserts, shopped in Insadong, Myeongdong, and Dongdaemun, read a story to my kindergarten students, did my laundry, and still managed to muster enough energy to cook me dinner tonight when I got home from work.  And this is only the beginning folks, so get ready! 

Stay tuned for updates on our shenanigans...
Since I don't have much time, I'll just post a few pictures of the kids that will make up for the words I don't have time to type tonight. 

Me and my monkey baby

How sweet of you to all wear my favorite color... =)

One of my kindies, Sunny, gave me a purse ^^

"Is that cake good?!"

Chris and I

we love book reports!

Sarah and I

Sunny <3

Woojin singin' in the rain...er, classroom :-)

Field trip to the Children's Museum

"hello? who is it?"

Woojin and Joshua


Woojin the Great Magician

inappropriate use of the magician hats...

more silliness~
Group shot at the magic show

Sunny and I

little Amy~

It's been SO humid here...but at least monsoon season is almost over!

I'll have to give you the reader's digest version on my recent excursions soon, but now I must get some precious sleep for my last day of teaching before a week of mommy-daughter traveling time!

Lots of love,

Miss Jones