Kindergarten Graduation

My last day with my kindergartners was on Wednesday and the kindergarten graduation took place last Thursday.  Apparently it's a pretty big deal to graduate from kindergarten in Korea, because it seemed almost more elaborate than my college graduation.

First, all of the classes took the stage separately to perform a class song and dance, which was preceded by all of the students giving a little speech.  The topics ranged from "What are you most excited to learn in 1st grade?" to "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Following the individual class performances was a graduation ceremony where each student's name was called to receive their diploma at which time a professional photograph of them wearing their cap and gown was projected on the screen above the stage.

 After receiving their diplomas, all of the kindergartners took the stage for one last song: "A Whole New Grade," which was our rendition of "A Whole New World" from the Disney film Aladdin.  I was completely exhausted after the graduation, but sad to see my kids go.  One of students, Rosy, gave me a picture frame and a sweet card.  I also received flowers from some of the kids and their mothers, and so did my Korean teacher Elly. 

It's time for a new semester, which means I will be teaching new students!  I admit that sometimes they pick at my nerves, wear me out, and get me sick, but I absolutely adore these kids.  There is nothing as beautiful as the innocence of a child.  I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives, even if it is only for a short time.  I have indeed learned just as much from them as they have from me.  I will miss them~

 These past couple weeks have been so incredibly busy for me, I'm amazed I find time to do anything other than school.  But alas, I do fit in some fun activities here and there.  On Thursday night I went out to dinner with some of the Korean teachers because it was Amy's last day at Poly.  I was really sad until I realized I only really see her on the weekends anyway, it's too hectic at work.  She'll be around the area still, so we'll be able to meet up to hang out.

Then on Friday night there was another going away dinner for two of the foreign teachers.  One of whom is Scott, Guijung's boyfriend.  He has just finished his contract with Poly and he's heading back to Canada.  Guijung is going with him and I think they will eventually get married.  They are so cute together :)
Also, Kristy is finishing her contract and accepting a position at the Poly Human Resources office in Seoul.  She won't be too far away, so hopefully we will be seeing her again as well.  Guijung brought a delicious strawberry pie to celebrate ^.^

On Saturday I went to Myeongdong with Peaches where we met up with a friend of hers, Hannah, to go shopping.  We were looking for a dress for Ted's wedding but didn't end up finding what we were looking for.  We did, however, find a dog cafe which we chilled at for a while.   It's a coffee shop where pet owners can bring their dogs and they also have other dogs (which I'm assuming they haven't found homes for?) there so you can play with them. We were in need of some puppy love <3

I went to church at Jubilee again, which is the large English church Peaches introduced me to last week. It takes about an hour to get there by bus, but I really like it.  It was raining all day, so I was completely soaked and closely resembled a wet dog when it was time to go to Ted's wedding later that day, but it was a nice wedding, and the food was awesome!

I will write more soon about my new classes and students!

With love,

Miss Jones