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Well I've been laying low lately, and by laying low I mean completely vertical lying on my bed anytime I wasn't working.  I had the flu and it took me 3 trips to the doctor, 2 more shots in the bum, 3 different prescriptions, and a lot of sleep to kick it.  The first two times I went to the clinic near my work, two different doctors said that I was having an allergic reaction to the weather and I hadn't adjusted since arriving from the States.  "Umm...so you're saying I'm allergic to the Korean Winter?" ...sheesh...yeah, I didn't believe it either.

Work has been extremely busy, as usual, but the kids always find a way to brighten my day.  My other kindergarten class was being super cute the other day.  Christina said,

"Miss Olivia, your eyes look like emeralds." 

To which the other kids responded, "Miss Olivia, why are your eyes green?"

"Well, God made my eyes green," I replied.

Like every curious child does, they proceeded to ask, "Why did God make your eyes green?"

The class helper, Julia, provided an answer, "Because that's Miss Olivia's favorite color."

Today, I was asking Alison, who is in my home room kindergarten class, about her rabbit pencil case and the fact that it was now the year of the rabbit.  She love rabbits and wants to have a pet rabbit; however, her mother will not allow it.

Alison: "My mom says that when I'm tall like you and I get married, I can have a pet rabbit."
Me: "Alison, you don't have to get married to have a pet rabbit."
Alison: "That's what my mom said."
 HAHA.  I love these kids <3

Alison and her bunny pencil case

Jane & Joshua

Joshua, Me, and Chris

Kelly & Alison

Rosy, Me, and Jane

Kelly, Alison, and I

     Hannah is such a sweetheart and James can be a little obnoxious, but he's genuinely so funny that I can't stay mad at him. Plus he always participates in class and he's so darn cute - I <3 these 1st graders~

Total chaos in my classroom...lol

Friday night I went with some of the other foreign teachers to a restaurant/bar called "Geckos."  It was a relaxing evening sitting around talking and listening to music.  I had a strawberry pina colada, and it was SO delicious...

On Saturday night I met up with Siu and we resorted to eating some Mexican food at a little place near SeoHyeon station called Dos Tacos after a second failed attempt trying to see a movie.  In Korea, you pick your seat in the theatre when you buy a ticket.  Apparently you have to buy your ticket in advance, because the seats fill up quickly - The theatres aren't monstrous like the ones in the states and they're usually only showing 3 English films at any given time.

After tacos, we moved to a coffee shop called "A Twosome Place" to hang out with Elly.  There were 3 of us, but the shop owner didn't seem to mind (I know, I'm corny).  They serve vanilla ice cream with espresso on the side that you pour over the ice cream.  It is so delicious!  I don't know why I haven't thought about doing that before...

Vanilla ice cream with a side of espresso <3

Elly + ice cream = happiness

The coffee shop

The peace sign...I can't stop...

Siu, me, and Elly

On Sunday I met up with Siu and Amy and we went to Yangjae, an area of Seoul, to an art exhibition.  The exhibition consisted of famous works of art graffiti-ed on the walls in interesting ways so that you could take photographs with the art.  It was so fun!  We played in the museum for over 2 hours, taking pictures and being silly.

Art exhibition

Amy doing some serious bookwork

Pretty hair...

We need to lay off the ice cream...

Amy busy cleaning

Siu being destructive

Myself, by far the classiest of the group ;)

Amy wants this man for herself~


What can I say? I like to vacuum in my free time.
Amy and I doing some heaving lifting

I couldn't resist...

wakey wakey~

All aboard

We are sooo nerdy

It's been snowing a lot here lately.  No, seriously...it has.

After the art exhibition, we met up with Elly for dinner at Sala Thai, this amazing restaurant near our school and Jeongja station.  The Pad Thai was delicious and we also shared some Pineapple Fried Rice, yummy...

Our spring rolls
I love Amy's face, hahaha


Sala Thai

Pad Thai

Today was like another Friday to me because I have the rest of the week off for Chinese New Year, yessss!  I'm meeting up with SaeRom tomorrow and will be spending Lunar New Year day with her extended family eating a traditional meal and smiling and nodding politely.  Regardless of the language barrier, lots of fun will be had, I'm sure of it!  I'll fill you in on the details soon.

With love,

Miss Jones :)