Happy Valentine's Day!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and messages I received last week.  Your words lifted me up and reminded me of all the marvelous things the Lord has blessed me with.  As I write this, "One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men is playing on the radio and the words are exactly what my heart is speaking in this very moment~ 

"And I know you're shining down on me from heaven...like so many friends we've lost along the way...and I know eventually we'll be together, one sweet day..."

Alex- we have become so close over the years and I miss you immensely.  You are always able to cheer me up, and I laugh hysterically when you mock me in your grandma voice.  For some reason, I always have giggle fits when we are together.  I know I can be annoyingly motherly sometimes, but by now, I'm pretty sure you are able to brush it off thinking, "She can't help herself."   

I have such happy memories of the family nights we had in the Loren house when you, me, and Becky would eat dinner together and mock reality shows, or maybe even give our own critiques to the designers on Project Runway - you know you miss that ;-)  Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that I cherish all of the memories we have made together and I'm missing you~

silliness <3
Alex and his other sisters~

We so coo brotha~
He makes me laugh~

Musical family time around the firebowl

Santa Monica Pier

Huntington Beach - 2009

Fresh off the plane from Mexico during the swine flu epidemic, lol 

Summer at Aunt Cindy & Uncle Dave's house

On Friday night one of my coworkers was nice enough to invite a bunch of us girls over for a pre-valentine's day dinner.  A lot of talking, card playing, eating, and silliness pursued :)

Snackage, as my dad would say~
Me and Kristy

Michelle is a gangsta
Kristy, Guijung, and I

Me and Kerry

Kerry's faces always make me laugh~

pretty smile =D

What could be more perfect than a Hello Kitty cake that says "I love you."
I'm not sure how it started, but we had a mini food fight...

Icing wars
Taste good?

Poor Julie, icing in the eye~

 The rest of the weekend I relaxed and caught up on sleep, which was much needed.  I spent my Saturday afternoon writing letters in my fuzzy socks, while watching Aladdin and eating fruit loops :-)

I proctored another monthly exam last week at school which included an essay section.  The second grade essay question completely cracked me up and I have to share a couple of their responses with you~

Q: Imagine that cows gave soda instead of milk.  Write a story about what happens. 

A#1: "Once upon a time, there was a boy and a cow.  The boy loved Soda.  So, he find a old book that says "How to get soda" He saw quickly.  First says, dig a hole next to your very big tree.  He said "Soda!" But there was none, because his cow ate it.  Second, say this magic word to any cup "Abracadraba make a soda!"  Then it made it the soda he put the cup in his mouth, but the cow quickly get the soda and he ate it all up.  Last, said go front of the very big hill and say Soda 5 times he said it the soda came like rain but the cow also ate it quickly up. Next day, he was very sad that he had no soda yesterday.  He went to eat milk so he went to his cow.  He squeeze then suddenly soda came out and the cows color was black all over.  He was very happy.  He sold soda and became very rich and lived happily ever after." 

A#2: "Inside one forest, once there was a one farm.  A farmer named Brown had only two calfs.  Farmer Brown love d the calfs as he, because he didn;t have any sun or daughter, so he got one cow, but the cow had two calfs and soon, the cow die, so Farmer Brown had only two calfs in large farm.  Farmer Brown loved 2 calfs, so he always eat, wash, and sleep together with calfs.  One day, Farmer Brown and 2 calfs were eating breakfast together. Farmer Brown drank one cup of soda and thirsty calfs keep on crying loudly.  Farmer Brown thinked so noisy about calfs crying sound. So he gave the soda to calfs.  Calfs drank so deliciously, so calfs cried everyday at the eating time. And Farmer Brown had to gave soda everyday. So , when calfs grow up, two cows gave soda to Farmer Brown and he opened a soda shop."


 I could feel Valentine's Day was in the air this morning when I was with my kindergartners.  I just had to start snapping pics when I noticed them coupling off in the library today~

Shiloh & Chris

Still so innocent~

Jacob & Christina
Christina is always gazing longingly into his eyes and the whole class knows she's in love with him~

They were hiding from the camera

Jacob & Ruby - Hey, he can't help it if the ladies love him ;)

Jane & Julia - so precious <3

 We decided to make some Valentine's Day cards for their Korean teacher, Elly, because she was sick today.  It was Gordon's idea - he can be so thoughtful sometimes.  You can't read it but he wrote, "To: Ms. Elly, I hope you get better and get to Poly and I will be with you.  I hope you will get better from talking with someone.  -Gordon."  ~They really are sweethearts.


Lucy & Sally

Charlie-my awkward child w/ADD, but oh how I love him, his smile melts my heart <3
Joshua being silly

He got new glasses and they are adorably geeky :-)

 Lately I received a couple of invitations to Korean weddings.  One was from my co-teacher Ted, who is getting married at the end of this month.  We are all so excited for him!

Wedding Invitations

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day, the kids spoiled me and showered me with candies and chocolates.  I feel so loved... 

Wishing all of my loved ones the Happiest of Valentine's Days!

Hugs & Kisses,

Miss Jones <3