24 hour shopping

This past weekend SaeRom came and met me at my apartment at about 11:00am on Saturday morning.  I was actually really glad we didn't do anything on Friday night because I was so exhausted and still sick...
We headed to Itaewon around 11:30am and ended up having lunch with her younger brother on the military base.  He is serving his mandatory two year military service for the Korean Army like all males have to do in South Korea.  He was happy to see us and I can confidently say I was the only foreigner visiting a Korean military man that day, haha. 

Filling out a request form to see SaeRom's brother

Military procedures

We ordered pizza & fried chicken for lunch

Saying goodbye to SaeRom's brother
After a long lunch, SaeRom and I headed to one of the cell phone stores nearby so that I could get a cell phone.  I filled out paperwork for an iphone4; however, I have to wait until it comes into the store in about two weeks.  I thought about getting a different phone which I could have left the store with that day, but I don't have an mp3 player or a good camera so I was really excited to get the new iphone.  Also, they removed the country lock on the new ones so I could use it when I returned to the states.  In other words, I'm still a bit handicapped without a phone, but skype has been a lifesaver lately.  It will be especially nice when I get my own internet later this week and it doesn't kick me off every 5 minutes.

On our way to Gwanghwamun

This building holds a large bell that is rung on National Holidays
Cheonggye Plaza

Mapping out our night
I'm well on my way to becoming a Seoul subway expert ;)

By the time we made it to Gwanghwamun, the Gyeongbukgong Palace was about to close so we ended up walking around Insadong and checking out all of the souveneirs.  There were tons of cool shops and awesome street food.  These guys did a demonstration for us, making this traditional candy and I bought some because they were so hilarious.  They even translated the performance for me, echoing their little song in English, haha.  The candy tastes really good too.  I also got a few scarves and a couple of hats from some of the street vendors.

After Insadong, we walked back over to where they were supposed to be having a lantern festival near Gwanghwamun.  We pushed our way to one of the gates and were able to see some of them.  Basically they looked like what you would see if you drove through a Christmas light show, but they were animated characters from cartoons and holiday figures.  SaeRom and Eunice thought that I should buy another warm coat so we went to Meyongdong again, where we were shopping last weekend.  I got a parka-type coat, which they call 'jumpers.'  It's really warm and will come in handy this winter when I'm walking from place to place. We passed by another photo booth that had Korean traditional clothing you could try on.  Eunice and SaeRom immediately insisted that I try on the traditional wedding dress to which I gladly abliged. 

We had dinner at a little restaurant amidst the shops where you order a huge plate of spicy chicken stir-fry with vegetables and you all dig into the plate with your chopsticks.  Most restaurants are this style and I quite like it.  Eunice bid us farewell after dinner, but we didn't feel like going home yet.  It was 11:00pm so SaeRom suggested we go to Dongdaemun, which is a 24 hour shopping mall.

Koreans have the cutest accesories, all of the girls are adorable!

Jewelry galore

Souvenirs in the window of a shop in Insa-dong

We shopped until we dropped.  Literally.

I had to tell SaeRom I couldn't walk anymore at about 3:00am.  My lower back started hurting and my feet were aching.  I kept leaning over and hunching like an old lady.  We had walked a lot that day.  I have no regrets though.  24 hour shopping in Korea is the bomb.

~Miss Jones ^_^


My surroundings & essay excerpts

Work was really busy again this week.  I had to stay late most nights to finish grading homework or essays.  I was grading essays from the level tests our kids had earlier this week and I HAVE to share a few excerpts from their work with you-

1st Grade: Q: Compare & Contrast the two seasons Winter and Fall.

"In Fall there are cars but in winter I can't see cars."

"I think fall and winter is not good of helthy."

"I like Winter more.  in Winter I do ice fight and make snowman and eat tangurine."

2nd grade:  Q:  Who is your favorite teacher and why?

"My favorite teacher is Mrs. Alton.  She is 31 years old and she's short. She is mared and have a baby."

3rd Grade:  Q:  What happens to your body when you eat a lot of junk food?  Explain the side effects.

"Because fast foods have little bugs that kill our body.  In our body there is good little bugs but fast food bugs is not good. And in slow food is good bugs like in our body and makes our body more healthy."

 "When you eat hamburgers or you eat too much you get fat and the next day your friends laugh at you because you're fat."

"If you eat too much, than the junk food goes to your brain and you get stupied."

"People will be fat. They will be hard to walk."

5th grade:  Q:  Would you rather be in the audience or be a performer? Why?

"If I got a job that kept me happy all the time, I wouldn't have a problem.  Also, my body would get endolpin because I would smile alot."

hahahahaha.  These laughs kept me going when I was at school late grading papers :)

I took a few photos of my walk to work and of my apartment (which is still a work in progress).

My kitchen
Table, small dresser, and my bed
Bedroom/Living area
My Korean-style shower

My bathroom

I use the cabinets above my bed to store most my clothing
The front entrance to my apartment building
My apartment complex

Down the street from my apartment

Yay, pretty fall :)

Bunches of shops, restaurants, and businesses smooshed together

Headed to Ori Stn

Ori Station is the subway station nearest to my apartment
Fun Fact:  'Ori' means Duck in Korean :)
Waiting for the subway

I get off at Jeongja Station to walk the rest of the way to work

The Plaza next to Jeongja Station

A pretty little canopy I pass under in the mornings

The street where I work

My school is located in Sigma Tower

POLY MAGNET - 5th Floor

My school's front desk

I spend a lot of time in here!