The End of 2010

First of all, let me apologize for not keeping in touch these last few weeks.  Life got a little hectic, and on top of that I have been sick the past month and a half.  Finally last weekend, when I was visiting SaeRom, I went to the hospital.  Twice.  And after two shots in the bum and six days of various prescriptions, I am nearly back to my old, cheerful self =) 

Since I last wrote I...

1. Got an iphone!  I'm loving it - It has been really helpful having bus, subway, and translating applications.  Not to mention, I am constantly connected to everyone through messaging, skype, and facebook!

2. Ate middle eastern food~

3. am experiencing Korean winter...with snow!

4.  put up Christmas lights in my apartment!  Well, basically SaeRom did it and I was her assistant...she's such a good (and tall) friend.  I <3 you SaeRom!

Candles from  Mommy :)

SaeRom stringing up my lights =D

5.   played fooseball and darts at a foreigner's bar with some coworkers~

We got really into it...

My team - I'm pretty sure we were the loudest people in the bar.

6.   stumbled upon a Korean movie or tv set while exploring one Saturday...

7.   learned how to take the bus to spots I frequent in Seoul~

*This was basically learned through trial and error.  Here is a photo of Kyung Hee University which Stefanie and I stumbled upon as we were kicked off the bus at the last stop on the route.  Only then did I realize I had taken us in the opposite direction...ohhh Olivia~

Kyung Hee University

*I also recently discovered a bus that goes to and from an area near my apartment to the shopping centers in Seoul that stay open until 5am!  I have shopped until the wee hours of the morning several times already...

9.  took the bus to SaeRom's apartment, which is about 1.5 hrs away, all by myself =)

8.  discovered a new favorite food - Vietnamese noodles - Pho - LOVE it.  I've also had Sam Gip Sal, Bibimbop, Kimchi bokeum bop, and Mexican food recently.  Did I mention I like to eat?

Christmas potlock at Kevin's apartment (one of my coworkers)
and this was only half of the food, so yummy~

Bulgogi - Sweet beef with vegetables and rice

One of the few Mexican Restaurants I have seen in Korea!
Oh how I've missed Mexican food...

Korean style fried chicken with onions, soy sauce, and pickled
radishes - Me and SaeRom's fancy Christmas Eve dinner, hehe. 
Japanese noodles

Dukbokki (Spicy rice cakes) & Gimbap (Korean style sushi) 

9.  visited two large palaces in Seoul - Changdeokgung & Cheongbukgung Palace.  It was way below freezing that day with a bitterly cold wind.  I even tried to shove hot packs in my shoes in an attempt to thaw out my toes, but alas, my shoes were too small - haha.  At least there was pretty snow for our pictures~

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace

Cheongbukgung Palace

Cheongbukgung Palace

Pagoda near Cheongbukgung Palace

10. saw SaeRom's dog compete (and win!) in a dog show~

SaeRom's Afghan Hound - HangGeul

11. traveled to downtown Cheongju with two of SaeRom's tutoring students who wanted to meet her "American friend."

Downtown Cheongju

SaeRom's students

We saw Harry Potter in theaters!

12. watched my kindergarteners perform the dance Elly and I choreographed to 'Frosty the Snowman' at the Christmas play.  They were so cute!!!  I can't get the video to upload for some reason, but I'll put it up soon.  Here are a few pics of our dress rehearsal~


Kai and Vivian

Gordon wearing his hat upside down, go figure =P

13. had cake and champagne at my apartment with close friends on Christmas night <3

Our Christmas cake - Thank you Amy <3

Amy, Sui, and I feeling festive :P

Siu & Amy lighting celebratory candles

It took a little teamwork to open the champagne...

14. tried Dangkong bang (peanut bread) - so yummy...
-there's a peanut or two in the middle of these declicious sweet bread snacks =)

*On a side note, I was telling some of my coworkers (who are half Korean) about how I tried this delicious Korean snack over the break.  I couldn't quite remember what it was called, but I thought SaeRom told me it was 'Dongko bang.'  They stared at me, looking astonished and asked me to repeat what I had said.  I told them again - still silence.  Then one more time, "You know, Dongko bang, with the peanuts inside?" After a few more moments of silence, the two girls bursted into laughter and later, when they could regain their composure, they informed me that the way I was pronouncing it, I was actually saying "butt-hole bread."  Oooops...!!!  HAHahhahaaa - I laughed SO hard - soon we were all in tears~

15. went dancing on New Year's Eve at a club in Seoul called Eden~

Nothing says New Year's Eve like confetti!

2011 - Year of the Rabbit

Me and YouRi

Me and Stefanie, who is teaching in Gimhae ~ 4.5hrs away

Siu and I

And that's all she wrote.

Until next time,

Miss Jones <3