My students

Hello everyone!  I had yet another fantastic weekend in Korea - I'm starting to really love it here.  I should be writing elementary comments right now but I've been putting it off.  I'd rather write about what I've been doing lately, haha.  I teach around 100 students a day and I have to write comments for all of them...!! 

Here are some photos of my home room Kindergarten students.  Don't let them fool you with their cuteness, they can be little stinkers...a majority of the time!

My home room Kindergarten class - Cygnus

Having fun =)

Our field trip to the National Archives Museum

This past Friday night I went over to a coworker's apartment and had a girls night.  A bunch of the female teachers and also a couple of the male teacher's korean girlfriends got together and had dinner and drinks.  We talked and laughed for hours before meeting up with some of the guys for Karaoke!  I had lost my voice from being sick, teaching, and not getting enough sleep so I had to lip sinc and act as a back up dancer whenever we did group numbers, but it was a blast!  You rent a room for you and your friends that is all clubbed-out with a disco ball and different colored lights.  I can't wait to go back when I have my voice and feel like I'm on American Idol, haha ;)

This was our Noraebang - Norae "song" + bang "room"

Taking my place as the back up dancer/lip sincer ;)

Julie bustin' a move - she's gotta be the most entertaining karaoke singer I know

I got home from the noraebang (karaoke) at about 4am and then I had to go to the school the next morning to introduce myself to prospective parents.  I was so exhausted but I still went shopping in Seoul afterwards because the weekends are my only real free time.  Then on Sunday I went to an English church service with this married couple I work with and afterwards they had free Korean lessons for the foreigners.  I learned the vowels and a few consonants, so enough to jump start my studying of the Korean alphabet.  SaeRom bought me some practice books a while ago that I'll get to work on soon.

Eating the wonderful spaghetti Kelly made for us

Such great food & conversation

I also put up a Christmas tree today that I bought at the store last week.  They had a few different colors but I've been drawn to pink lately, haha.  I'm going to put up some Christmas lights in my apartment soon as well.  Even a lot of the stores have Christmas lights up now.  It's beginning to feel a lot more like the Holidays...
Department Stores near Myeong-dong

A festive hotel I walked by this weekend

My pink Christmas Tree =)

Also, here are a few more photos that SaeRom took from our trip to Seoul last weekend.  She takes a lot of the photos I post on here, so I owe most of the awesome photos to her creative genius and awesome camera!

Traditional Korean wedding dress

I <3 photo booths


Eunice & I on the stairs at the shopping mall

Shopping mall in Insa-dong

Wandering the streets of Seoul

Cheonggye Creek Lantern Festival
 Until next time,

Miss Jones <3