Hip Hop, Shrek, and Mexican food.

Last Saturday Siu and I were wanting to see a movie but our options were quite limited due to my nonexistent Korean skills.  The English movies that were playing at the theater near us were The American, Tron, and Narnia.  We pondered the choices for several hours, coming to no clear conclusion.  Since we are both so indecisive, (Siu informed me that this was because both of our blood types are A, haha) we skipped the movie and did the next best thing: more shopping.  Since it has been freezing outside, we went to Coex which is an indoor mall in Seoul, half of which is underground adjacent to the subway.

Me and Siu in the subway

 After walking around for a couple hours, we met up with Siu's friend Hana and her friend Andrea who is visiting from Brazil.  We ate Pho, Vietnamese noodles, and then met up with Hana's boyfriend and some of his friends after dinner.  We met at a sake bar that served drinks and a wide assortment of appetizers.  You even get to choose your sake cup ^_^

Sake cups ~ I thought of you Miss Sarah Jackson ;)

Pho noodles with beef and Vietnamese spring rolls
Andrea and Hana's boyfriend Young-chul

Andrea wanted to go dancing so we went to a hip hop club in Kangnam.  The club was packed!  I've never seen so many Korean's gettin' down.  We left pretty late, but still had to wait around at McDonald's until the bus started running.  There was a slight problem with our calculations of the bus schedule and after waiting for what seemed like forever, we had to take the subway when it opened...I can't tell you exactly what time I got home because my mom is reading this...but in my defense, I was at the mercy of the city of Seoul's public transportation schedule.

The crowd...

Gettin' my groove on

We also went to a photo booth because I'm addicted and Andrea had never been.  They are so cheesy but so entertaining!

I did another silly thing the other day.  Walking home from work last Thursday I was really tired and zombie-like.  I crossed the street hurriedly, scooting along like an old lady so as not to slip and fall on the black ice covering the streets.  After finally reaching my apartment building, I ran up the stairs to my apartment on the third floor, got out my keys, and held them up to the door.  Only tonight, there was no key hole.

An electronic keypad had been placed on my door and I stood there for a few seconds with my hand outstretched and my keys in the air, just staring in disbelief.  "Had they really come and placed an electronic keypad on my door and not told me about it?  Did Poly install this today when they came to fix my light? How was I supposed to know the password?"

I Immediately called Ted, my co-teacher and our new academic coordinator (he was recently promoted).

"Hi Ted, sorry to bother you, but there's an electronic keypad on my door...it wasn't there this morning and I don't know the password..."

"Olivia...I hate to say this, but are you sure you're in the right building?"

"Umm...maybe not?  I'm pretty out of it...let me go downstairs and check and I'll call you back."

1 minute later...

"Ted," I said after a long pause, "How long are you going to make fun of me for this?  ...I was in the wrong building..."

"laughter...Kerry and Michelle are still here at work with me and they already heard everything."

 On Wednesday night a few of my coworkers and myself met up with Becky for dinner before she went back to California on Friday.  It had been snowing huge flakes on and off all day and I snapped a few pictures of us covered in snow on our way to the restaurant.

Kristy and Guijung

So much snow!

We miss you Becky!
Takalbi - Spicy chicken with cabbage, rice cakes, and sweet potatoes

Elly and I

Fried rice with kimchi, hot sauce, cheese, and other random vegetables
After the cheese melted...SO yummy!

Kristy, Becky, and I

umm, we're not ready...

On Friday we took the Kindergartners on a field trip to see Shrek the Musical.  It was a small children's theatre and the musical was in Korean...therefore I just smiled and laughed whenever they made funny faces or the kids were laughing.  However, the actors were very expressive and the kids had a lot of fun :)  We even took a class picture with the actors!

My kindergarten class posing with the actors ^_^

After the field trip, neither the students nor myself, felt like doing any work for the last hour so we had snack time and watched Tom and Jerry :)

Me and Kelly

Me and Sally

Kai - aka the class clown

On Saturday I laid around all day and took, not one, but several naps...I didn't actually get out of bed and put on clothes until 6:00pm so that I could meet up with some coworkers for dinner.  I thought about canceling, but I had gotten so much sleep that day that I figured I would be fine for at least a few hours.

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Itaewon called Los Amigos.  The food was excellent!  Since living in Mexico, I crave Mexican food constantly, and it's nice to know that there are a few places not too far away where I can satisfy those cravings :)  After dinner, we went to a cute little martini bar before going for a little dancing.  We all had a good time and I befriended a few military guys, one of which could be my next salsa dancing partner...right Miguel? ;)

My fabulous Baja Burrito and Sangria

Providing customers with an obnoxious horn to honk when they need the waiter = Awesome

Julie, me, and Guijung

Kelly and Kerry

The Martini Bar

Girls' night =)

I guess I hadn't quite beat that other virus because on Sunday morning I felt awful...it took me several hours to convince myself to get out of bed, put some clothes on, and go to the pharmacy to get some medicine.  When I finally got bundled up, I collapsed on my bed and slept another hour - coat, mittens, and all...

After calling my momma and a few friends, I got directions to a pharmacy that was open and managed to stay vertical long enough to get some medicine.  Within the next hour I was feeling remarkably human again.  Thank you Mom and Dad for your prayers <3
My dear friends and family,

Thank you for sharing these experiences with me - You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Miss Jones ~